How to select a Tiny House Range, Stove – Propane vs Electric

Stoves and range ovens are selected more carefully for tiny houses over regular sized homes.  Kitchen appliances is one of the key areas you will be forced to consider how size limitations in a tiny house will affect your everyday life.  Cooking in your tiny house requires far more consideration than just dragging in a stove.

Do you know what you actually need to cook your meals?  Tiny home living forces you to answer these questions truthfully.  The bigger you go the more it cost for energy and precious kitchen space.  Knowing the answers to these questions offers a chance to avoid mistakes later.

  • Are you going off grid?
  • Will you be in a cold climate?
  • Will you have a microwave?
  • Do you need a convection oven?
  • How big does the oven need to be?
  • How many burners do you regularly cook with at the same time?

Propane -versus- Electric

Propane Cooking

Pros of Propane use in your tiny house

  • Easy to install
  • Cost of installation is low
  • Small portable tanks are readily available
  • Tanks last a long time when only used for cooking

Cons of Propane use in your tiny house

  • Needs protection from freezing cold
  • Requires regular inspections
  • Tanks are heavy and bulky
  • Proper storage is needed

Electric Cooking

Pros of Electric Stoves

  • Cost less than gas or propane when attached to grid
  • No maintenance required when attached to grid

Cons of Electric Stoves

  • Initial cost for off grid use is much higher

Pros of Hot Plates

  • Reduces the amount of counter space needed
  • Plugs into any wall socket
  • Initial cost is low

Cons of Hot Plates

  • Not a fixed place appliance
  • Requires maintenance inspections for continued safety

What you need to know about ovens

  • Standard Microwave ovens use from 500 to 1800 watts during use
  • Standard Electric Toaster Ovens use 1200 to 1800 watts during use
  • Standard Convection ovens use from 1000 to 5000 watts during use

Ovens Energy Efficiency Chart

Energy efficient cooking appliances comparison