How to install a solar system on your tiny house – DIY Solar System FACTS

Five tips for Tiny House DIY Solar Systems

  1. RV solar systems are quite literally designed for recreational use.  Most RV systems will not support the constant load needed for a tiny house.
  2. Buy only from reputable sources who have a long successful history and customer feedback is fair.
  3. Free or cheap energy is a myth. Expect to pay the full cost of around 3 years grid electric for a basic system and more for installation if needed.   A failure will be the cost of a proper replacement and will likely be needed the sometime around the first year off grid.
  4. If you have never successfully completed advanced DIY projects – hire someone qualified for the install.
  5. Good equipment that exceeds your needs should begin saving money in the 3rd or 4th year.  Extreme weather changes and under powered lead acid systems will need costly maintenance or complete replacement about this time.

Yes if money is no object, you can buy a complete kit for off grid that is ready to install.  It may not for the first time DIY project, but this is a complete system ready to install.

DIY Solar Kit from HPI Solar – sold on Amazon

Out of the box solution for an off grid power for a Tiny House for just over $12,000.

  • Complete Solar System, Cables, Batteries and electronics
  • Everything you need to power a tiny house
  • Delivered to your home

10080 Watt Solar Panel System – Complete DIY Kit

  • 10080 Watts Per Day Peak Output – Assuming 4.5 Hours Sunlight on all 8 panels
  • 2800W Pure Sine MAGNA 110V Inverter with 125A Onboard Charger for AC/Gen Backup
  • 8x 280W Solar Panels – Brand New
  • 6x Northstar AGM Sealed Maintience Free Batteries (80% Depth of discharge) MADE in USA
  • All required Battery / Inverter Cables / 2x Spools wire for AC Out/Charge Controller

Product Description

  • 12V System to Produce Pure sine wave 110V AC Power.
  • 1290 AH Battery System.
  • Complete DIY Kit.

This can be used for Power Backup for small houses, cabins, boat docks, RVs, garages, storage buildings and etc.

This system is capable of running Window AC units, Fridges, TVs, electronics, Power tools and etc. Run time all depends on amount of power your items use.

10080 Watt Solar Panel System – Complete DIY Kit