Make your Tiny Home more accessible to others

There are ways to design your tiny house to make it more accessible for those with limitations.  Even if you do not need it for yourself, it’s something you should consider.  If you already built your tiny home there are minor modifications to will make your tiny home more accessible for visitors.

5 Tips to consider before you build

  1. GO LONG – Consider a long design over the typical tiny house with a sleeping loft.  The added benefit of going long over going high, may allow for future expansion.
  2. Always use hand rails in your design.  Remember you will need to get around in the dark and often carry things.
  3. Make paths wide enough for a wheel chair even when you don’t have one.  By designing for a wheel chair on at least the first floor you provide space for ease of movement.
  4. Lighting options for better movement at night are also useful when conditions change in how your tiny house is parked.
  5. Combine an ability to restrict movement for kitchen and bath items with the use of pull out cabinets.  Small changes to the height, size or depth of a compartment can offer more access for everyone.

Critical areas for accessibility considerations

  • Doorways – 32 inch minimum width
  • Bathrooms – build in the ability to offer an additional about a 40 inch clearance to one side of your toilet. This area can be a multipurpose area, insert removable shelves for paper goods, linen cabinet or closet storage.  You can combine the 40 inch clearance  area with a walk in shower.
  • Kitchen – Design the kitchen sink for use with a wheel chair.  This is the most difficult part of the kitchen to convert to mobile and the best change to make that others will never notice.  The extra space under the sink will double as pull out storage for folding chairs, tables, trash or other kitchen storage.
  • All entrances should be 36 inch minimum
Make your Tiny Home more accessible to others even when you do not have to
Make your Tiny Home more accessible to others even when you do not have to

Location Location Location – Changes you can make that will help others without altering your design

  • Simply change the placement of key items – store the most needed items at waist level. Move everything else that is needed above or below the waist area when possible.
  • Never block a turn with an unnecessary obstacle
  • Last and most important is to clear the paths for others