Parking or moving your Tiny House for long periods of time

Heading out onto the road for a trip or moving after having your tiny house parked for a long time.   Security of the tiny house is largely focused on your ability to secure the trailer from theft or accidental damages caused by careless parking.

Here are the most critical tips you can never forget

  • Get driving chains for your vehicle before you need them
  • Always PLAN – where you will go, roads you will take, bridge clearances along the route, what weather to expect, where you will park for fuel, food or rest.  A good GPS app will do most of this for you.
  • Tightly secure all windows and doors before you hook up – remember water or wind can and will travel from EVERY direction
  • Do a complete inspection before you move your tiny home in or out all parking spots.  Your inspection must include ground moisture, clearance checks, connection and safety chains.
  • Lock the both the tongue and the wheels – Locking wheel chalk or wheel stops are the best option
  • Always use leveling stabilizing jacks when you park or disconnect – use wooden pads under each jack or they will freeze like glue to pavement, concrete pads, rock or the ground
  • Inspect the undercarriage of your tiny house before you connect or remove the chalks.  Look for clearances and ensure there are no hitch hikers or stowaways.
  • Chalk the wheels before you disconnect or step into your tiny house
  • Never remove any wheel without chalking front and back of tires and tow vehicle
  • Be aware of wind direction and speed at all times.  Expect strong side gusts when driving.
  • Never park and leave your tiny house on an incline.