Tiny House Backyard – Organic Compost Composting Tumbler

Tiny house living a refreshing product

For those of you who have a composting toilet and codes prevent you from standard dumping.  This product provides extra composting time or storage for waste outside your house.

STS Supplies Ltd:  Outdoor Backyard Compostable Tumbler – Composter & E book By Easy2Find

  • Organic Compost Tumbler is the Best and Most Natural Composter for your Garden Bringing a Practical Composting Solution for your Favorite plants.
  • The Durable Steel Frame and the Two Rotating Ventilation Plastic Compost Bins of the Organic Compost Tumbler will Help you Compost Large Amount Fast Easy and Practical.
  • Combine Multi Composting with a Practical Durable Ergonomic Tool for the Job,the Organic Compost Tumbler.

Product Details

  • Dimensions:23.69 in. deep, 32.14 in. tall, 37.55 in. wide
  • Weight:24.77 L.
  • Weight capacity:65.44 P.
  • Materials:Steel,Polypropylene,Plastic
  • Ideal use:Kitchen and Leaves Composition NOT SOIL
  • Tilt for Empty,Ventilation holes with latching lid,drain holes and 2 Bins
  • Stainless Steel Base,All weather Plastic bins
  • Completion time:Three to Four weeks
  • Assembly required(screwdriver)
  • Color:Black,Green,yellow

Organic Compost Composting Outdoor Backyard Compostable Tumbler Composter & E book By Easy2Find