Thimble Homes Great American Tiny House Show Portland Oregon

Tiny House Wanderlust interviewed Thimble Homes (see video below)  at The Great American Tiny House Show in Portland, Oregon. Thimble Homes based in Newberg, Oregon, is a custom tiny home builder and component supplier. Thimble Homes has several models to choose from starting at $29,000.


This extra tiny home was built with the “adventurer” in mind. Take your ATV in your home as you head out on your next hunting trip. This home has a shower and toilet combine as well as a microwave and refrigerator. It is customizable. With Volstrukt Frame and Trailer Made Trailer.

Cost: $29,000
Square Footage: 170


Thimble Homes sells trailer foundations, steel frames and progressive Tiny Home starter units. For More information  visit the Thimble Homes website

Video: ©Tiny House Wanderlust